Department of Regional Studies - INESER


  • The Department of regional studies –INESER- creates, promotes and disseminates scientific research, instruction and extension. Its work focuses on the study of the economic and demographic structure of the regions, which includes a myriad of interrelationships with both national and international economic processes.
  • The scholars of the Department of regional studies -INESER primarily engage in research conducting to publications and projects, as a result of the experience and trajectory of 60 academics. It is -important to note that 25 percent of the scholars belong to the National Research System -SNI- and 60 per cent of them are recognized having the PROMEP profile awarded by the National Public Education System SEP.
  • Instructional activities lead to topics related to research Works mainly taught in undergraduate and graduate programs at the CUCEA. Also, academics participate in permanent tutoring programs and directing thesis works.
  • The INESER mission is to contribute from the university to create initiatives in order to increase competitiveness, social justice, regional inequity diminishing and higher local government efficiency, thus augmenting social welfare. In order to comply with such mission the department has four research centers:

Research Center:                                                                  Director:

Centre of studies of the economic situation Dr. Rubén Antonio Chavarín Rodríguez
Centre for Regional development studies: Dr. Sergio Manuel González Rodríguez
Center of Mexico - United States studies: Dra. Maria Margarita Calleja Pinedo
Centre for population studies Dr. Alejandro Isidoro Canales Cerón



In this section, the most recent research projects that have been or are currently undertaken by every researcher of – INESER- can be found, as well as the abstracts of such works.
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The INESER has eleven academic bodies -CA- the research status and the number of these collegiate groups are as follows: three consolidated, two in the process of consolidation and five in training.

Regional Development and Economic Integration

  • Head researcher : Dr. José María Parra Ruiz
  • Status: working to be in process of consolidating.
Research lines


L1. Economics dynamics ,structure and urban functionality
L2. Decentralization impact and regional development integration.
L4. Regional development and sustainability


Gender, population and human development studies

  • Head researcher: Dr. Juan Carlos Ramírez Rodríguez
  • Status: In process of consolidation
Research Lines
L1. Gender, human development and assistance process, disease and death.
L2. Gender and labor market.
L3.Gender and public policies.


Population, sustainability, and regional development

  • Main Researcher: Dr. Jesus Arroyo Alejandre
  • Status: Consolidated
Research Lines
L1. Population and regional economic development.
L2. Regional development and economic sustainability.


Internationalization processes, development and environment

  • Main researcher: Dr. María Luisa García Batíz
  • Status: Consolidated
Research lines:
L1. International and regional flows and development processes.
L2 Environment transforming, development and social participation.
L3. Institutional change, public policy and local development.


Economic restructuring

  • Main researcher: Mtra. Ana Rosa Moreno Pérez
  • Status: working to be in a consolidating process.
Research lines:
L1. Regional economic analysis.
L2. Economic restructuring.
L3. Business and corporate strategies.


SMEs Studies

  • Main Researcher: Dr. Carlos Fong Reynoso
  • Status: In the process to be consolidated.
Research lines:
L1. Determinants of SMEs performance.
L2. Knowledge management, training for competitive advantage and SMEs internationalization.
L4 SMEs Compared Studies
L5. Enterprise creation.


Urban and territorial studies

  • Main researcher: Dr. Edith Rosario Jiménez Huerta
  • Status: Consolidated
Research lines: L1. Land, dwelling and property rights.
L2. Geotechnologies.
L3. Planning and land management.

Economic institutions and Territory policy

  • Main Researcher: Dr. Carlos Riojas López
  • Status: working to be in a consolidating process.
Research lines:
L1. Territory public policies and institutional change.
L2. Economic structure and sustainable regional development.
L3. Policy and sustainability


Urban-Regional policies and gender for health and labor training

  • Head researcher: Dr. Sergio Manuel González Rodríguez
  • Status: working to be in a consolidating process.
Research lines:
L1. Gender and labor health.
L2. Urban-regional policies.
L3. Professional labor markets.


Mathematics and Statistics methods applied to Economics and Business

  • • Researcher: Dr. Rubén Antonio Chavarin González
  • • Status: working to be in consolidating process .
Research lines:
L1. Economic groups and labor markets
L2. Applied Econometrics and Simulation.
L3 - Pedagogical applications.

Globalization and its impact in the Labor Market

  • Head researcher: Carmen Yolanda Delgado Lecourtois
  • Status: working to be in a consolidating process.
Research lines: L1. Globalization, Integration and Region.



  • Academy of Urban - Regional analysis

President: Maria del Rosario Cota Yañez



Sustainable development and land use planning
Regional Economics I
Regional Economics II
Urban Economics
Urban-Regional Planning
Geographic -Environmental analysis Software Workshop
Regional Analysis Techniques
Foreign Sector Policies
Regional Urban policies



  • Academy of Development and Environment

President: Alma Alicia Aguirre Jiménez


  • Academy of Population and Gender Studies

President: Griselda Uribe Vázquez

Subjects: Gender studies
Population Policies
Economic integration and labor markets




The INESER unit that provides support for research, instruction or spreading is the broadcasting laboratory. Also, it is responsible for the physical and virtual distribution of magazines and publications of the Department, as well as the web site and research seminars. The editorial team that publishes the magazine Regional Economic Letter, a publication of the Department of Regional-Studies, INESER, belongs to this unit.

Responsible: Mtra. Ana Rosa Moreno Pérez, email:
Coordination of seminars: Mtra. Maria de Luz Ayala Castellanos, email:
Assistant: Fátima de la Paz Espinoza Alarcón
Magazine Director: Dr. Humberto González Chávez, email:
Editor of the Regional Economic Letter: Mtra. María Elena Peyro Beltrán
Distribution and marketing: Carolina Alejandra Ávila Escobedo


The role of this unit is to promote and support applied research, providing professional service both to private companies and to public institutions, in order to contribute to identify and define principal problems through the analysis of their causes and thus planning  actions for the improvement of these institutions.
Currently specialized service is provided through the Georeferencing of Socioeconomic Information for Development (PROGISDE).
PROGISDE main activities are data base collection and the elaboration of cartographic systems that respond to specific needs through the integration of a large data bank through the scheme of the  SIG.
It has an internal organization geared to the strategic planning of schemes of work and products development, to generate specialized services for individuals or enterprises, domestic or international, universities, as well as for entities of the Federal, State or municipal orders.
PROGISDE adopts high competence and quality criteria for its services supply into the following specialized areas:
I.    Urban and Regional development.
II.     Environment.
III.    Technologies for the information.
IV.   Time Series Analysis.
V.      Institutional Analysis.
VI.   Market studies.

Responsible: Mtra. Ma. Carmen Amparo Venegas Herrera